Built in a style reminiscent of Kerala’s ancient Tharavadus and Illams, Keezhillathu Ayur Gramam is an Ayurveda Resort in Keezhillam, Kerala, offering a range of authentic Ayurveda treatments and medicines. Located 20 kms away from Cochin International Airport, the Ayurveda health centre has its own Ayurveda Hospital, Ayurveda Medicine Manufacturing Unit and Pharmacy close by. The salubrious atmosphere, the time-tested Ayurvedic remedies and the personalized care of our Vaidyans ensure that you leave Keezhillathu Ayur Gramam, a happier, healthier being.

Keezhillathu Ayur Gramam located at Keezhillam, Cochin, Kerala, is an Ayurveda healthcare centre set amidst the greenery of a beautifully landscaped garden. This Ayurveda resort is owned and managed by Dr. Wilson Paul and Dr. Nita Rabeca, son and daughter-in-law of the founder, Late Poulose Vaidyan.

The hospital provides classical as well as patended  Ayurvedic medicines and treatments under the guidance and supervision of expert physicians Dr.Wilson Paul Bsc,BAMS andDr.Neeta wilson BAMS along with qualified and well-trained therapists who give personalized care to each patient. Though the hospital follows the Time tested principles of Ayurveda , it is well-equipped with all the modern amenities

PVM HOSPITAL in Keezhillathu Ayur Gramam is the latest venture of the Parathuvayalil Poulose Vaidyan’s memorial PVM Group which started off with Parathuvayalil Marma chikilsalayam established by Late Poulose Vaidyan in 1955. The hospital was renamed as Parathuvayalil Poulose Vaidyan Memorial PVM HOSPITAL after the founder’s demise. Today, PVM HOSPITAL,and Parathuvayalil Pharma Products are all part of the Parathuvayalil Poulose Vaidyan memorial Group.

PVM HOSPITAL has IP and OP facility, with facilities for X-Ray, computerized ECG, computerized laboratory, well equiped physiotherapy unit, etc. Parathuvayalil Pharma Products, a G.M.P certified manufacturing unit with state-of-the-art equipments, where classical as well as Patended Ayurvedic medicines  produced and has many stores and franchisees across Kerala.

Our Founder

Late Parathuvayalil Poulose Vaidyan was an accomplished Vaidyan (Ayurveda Doctor), well known across the state. He established Parathuvayalil Marma Chikilsalayam in 1955, which was renamed as Parathuvayalil Poulose Vaidyan Memorial PVM HOSPITAL  after his demise.

Sri Poulose Vaidyan, apart from treating general diseases through Ayurveda, was famous for his treatments for musculoskeletal disorders. He used cotton gauze, sponge, bamboo splint, crape etc as bandage for treating fractured bones instead of plaster, gypsum or resin  casts. Using Bamboo splints has great advantage when compared with modern plaster. As we re bandage once in every 5 days we can have optimal tightness of bandage throughout the course of treatment ,Avoid skin rashes,quick healing as the body recognises# better (only 28 days for colles#).Apart from this we can correct maiunions if any with out inflicting any pain by applaying gentle pressure against the de formity if any.

We at Parathuvayalil Poulose Vaidyan’s Group still follow this method of healing fractures and use Gypsum & Resin plaster only in special circumstances. Many of the medicaments prepared at our manufacturing unit are the ones Sri Poulose Vaidyan used to prescribe his patients. He remains our guiding light, inspiring us to serve mankind in whatever way we can.

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