Keezhillathu Ayur Gramam offers a host of preventive and curative treatments which are carried out by experienced Ayurveda physicians. The resort has all the amenities necessary for authentic Ayurveda therapies. 

Sirodhara Pot- Used to pour medicated oil on to the patients’ forehead, this pot has a small hole at its base from where oil is trickled down on the patients body. The pot is generally suspended from a height using a Dhara stand.

Dhroni or Dharapathi- Dhroni is a specially designed  table on which most of the poorvakarmas are done.It is  beautifully carved in a huge single piece wood The patient lies down on this table when being treated, with the head resting on the head rest. 

Vasthi Yantram- Vasthi Yantram is a pointed instrument used to introduce medications into the body through the rectum. 

Dhooma Pana Nethram- Made of bronze, Dhooma Pana Nethram is a conical instrument used to inhale medicated fumes as part of Ayurvedic treatment.

Steam bath -Sudation(sweting) is of prime importance in Ayurveda .There are various methods of sweting ,choosed according to the disese to be treated .Steam bath is one amoung them.It is very much different from sauna bath in basic principle it self

Apart from these traditional Ayurveda equipments we also have diagnostic tools like ECG, X-ray,Computerised Lab etc.  

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