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Low back pain (pelvis, hip &leg) and high back pain (neck, shoulder & hand) are said to be the price, man pays for their erect posture. In this screen age (mobile, computer, TV screens etc), the incidence of back pain is increasing. Thus it is evident that sedentary life style also contributes.  Unlike manmade machines human body is a self repairing unit. (Wounds& fractures heal by its self. Doctor only facilitates).

There is an Innate Corrective Mechanism (ICM) for both structures as well as functions of our body. This mechanism can be activated only if there are minute injuries regularly. The ICM will repair strengthen and equip our body structurally when we do physical exercise. Exercise is minute injuries to stimulate ICM.The functional ICM will be activated as we take religious fasting.Yoga&Pranayama help both and also flexibility. If a person with a sedentary lifestyle is compelled to lift a heavy weight, as his spinal ligaments, muscles, and vertebrae are not fit, he may sustain Vata kopa followed by slip disc, spondylitis, spondylolisthesis etc with sudden onset of back pain on hip, pelvis &even to legs 


1 Stimulate your (ICM) by doing Regular exercise like brisk walking or swimming. Both of this will give an optimum level of strength to bone, ligaments& muscles  of your neck. Don’t avoid these on the excuse of playing games like shuttle or tennis. These will keep you fit to do any kind of lifting pulling etc. Apart from these specific exercise to neck is helpful to keep the ligaments. Strong, flexible, hydrated(“elathayirikkuka”) and healthy.

  •  Keep bottom of your computer screen at eye level
  •  Change position  of screen once in a week
  •  Do neck exercise after every one hour of continuous work with computer Maintain an optimum Body weight.
  •  Maintain correct Posture while working.  
  •  Avoid pillow while sleep in supine (eyes facing ceiling), or prone (chest on bed). Use thick pillow to support your chest while sleep semi prone position and to support head& neck while sleeping on your side


According to Ayurveda vitiation or imbalance of Vatha dosha (ICM of nervous system) is the main reason of almost all diseases especially the back pain. The back pain is known as "kadeegraham or kadeesoola" in Ayurveda. Vatha dosha is the leader of other two “doshas” called Pitha (ICM of metabolism) and Kapha (ICM of water balance system).If we conquer or pacify the leader Vatha, then Pitha and Kapha will become balanced automatically. So the treatments for cervical spondylitis are aimed to bring vatha dosha to a balanced stage or stimulate ICM of nervous system to function normally. Common modes of treatments for back pain are

  •  Nassyam (pouring 7 drops of medicated oil in to the nostril)
  •  Abyangam & steam bath with virechana
  •  Internal herbal medication
  •  Dhanyamla dhara
  •  Thaila vasthy
  •  Kashaya vasthy
  •  Yoga training to prevent neck pain
  •  Pelvic traction
  •  Pizhichel


In 90% cases neck pain is cured.1% cases where there is nerve impinchment and patient cannot tolerate pain till ICM become normal then it is referred for surgery. In other cases there can be some growth or tumor pushing the nerve. In PVM HOSPITAL it is our motto that our doctors will personally participate in treatments at least in the first day so that we will have a clear cut understanding about the patient condition 

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