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Psoriasis (Sidhma Kuhsta in Ayurveda)  is a long-lasting autoimmune disease characterized by patches of abnormal skin mostly with redness itching and scales. They may vary in severity from small and localized to complete body coverage. Of the 5 types, psoriasis valgaris is the most common  30% of psoriatic patients will have Psoriatic arthritis (pain in Joints Sandhi gatha vatha as we call it in Ayurveda) this can even cause limping as foot bones get eroded. Most of them will have their nails affected.


Researches  undoubtedly prove that there is a hereditary factor for psoriasis Panchakarma treatment at PVM  HOSPITAL is totally painless  with herbal medication and has no side effects and can be done for healthy people as a preventive measure not only for psoriasis but also for various other   diseases like arthritis, vertebral disc prolepses, Parkinsonism  what is more? For long levity itself).We at parathuvayalil poulose vaidyan memorial PVM HOSPITAL believe that if a healthy person take our panchakarma treatments every year he will not  be affected  by susceptible diseases even if there is a hereditary possibility


There is cure for most of psoriasis. It’s complications like Arthritis bone deterioration, nail changes, itching, scaling ,Redness etc are also curable if the patient take our ”panchakarma” treatments in regular intervals. For some it will be once in a year, for some other once in 5 years depending on the intensity of auto immune reaction of the person. However we at parathuvayalil poulose vaidyan memorial PVM HOSPITAL strongly recommend 2 to 4 weeks hospitalized treatment for the first three years. Then repeat as and when necessary. 80% symptoms will disappear as the treatment completes 4 weeks. The remaining symptoms within one month while he takes our herbal medication at home 

The usual treatments given in psoriasis at our hospital are

  • Snehapanam  (Taking in medicated ghee for 5 to7 days)
  • Pizhichel (warm medicated oil bath for one hour while the patient lying  on a special procedure table)
  • Thakra dhara (a mixture herbal decoction and buttermilk poured on forehead while the patient lies on a special procedure table for 30 to60 minutes.
  • Virechana  Induced purgation for a half day using special herbal powder given in cooled fruit juice aimed to expel out the vitiated doshas (causative factors) There by normalizing  the ICM of immune system
  • Abyangam Gentle massage with specially prepared herbal oil by two trained therapists


The results of treatment of psoriasis at parathuvayalil Poulose Vaidyan Memorial PVM HOSPITAL is excellent
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